After Dems Attack Trump’s UN Speech, Mike Huckabee Shows Them How WRONG They Are

President Trump is getting heat from liberals who have an issue with him taking a hard-line on North Korean despot Kim Jong Un after Trump debilitated to “absolutely demolish” North Korea and called the tyrant “rocket man.”

“The United States has incredible quality and persistence, however in the event that it is compelled to guard itself or its partners, we will have no real option except to absolutely crush North Korea.”

Democrats and liberal world pioneers sentenced his announcement to the UN General Assembly as “wrong discourse, at the wrong time,” however Mike Huckabee has a reminder for them.

Huckabee stresses this is the way a genuine pioneer SHOULD act in times, for example, these.

“Those world pioneers put their nation in the first place, and in the event that they don’t, they should not be being a world pioneer. This is what you’re chosen to do.”

The general population of America voted this man into office since he puts America first and that is precisely what he is doing well at this point.

“I recently felt this was the President of the United States acting like the President of the United States, and not somebody who is coming in to ask for absolution.”

Huckabee alluded to previous President Barack Obama’s shocking UN General Assembly discourse where he fundamentally pointed the finger at America for all the world’s issues.

“What’s more, think about the complexity between what he said today and what Barack Obama has said at that same platform over and over when he went and essentially apologized for America, conceded the majority of our wrongdoings, and stated, ‘we’ve done unpleasant things and we’re so sad we’ve done those things.'”

America is finished assuming the fault for the tragedies in this world. We now have a pleased American President who is going to bat for his kin and securing the subjects he was chosen to ensure.