POLL: Should Illinois Teacher Be FIRED For STOMPING on the American Flag?

An Illinois town is in a state of chaos after an educator purportedly stepped on a banner before his understudies.

Two guardians of youngsters at Martinsville High School were on “Fox and Friends” toward the beginning of today to examine the difficulty.

Gina Gibson said that the anonymous educator was utilizing the American banner as a pointer in the classroom, despite the fact that understudies questioned the banner being utilized as a part of that way.

She said the understudies forewarned the educator not to give Old Glory a chance to touch the floor, and that is the point at which he stepped on the banner, telling his understudies that it was his entitlement to do as such.

Gibson said that a few understudies – her child included – were sent to the workplace to be given confinement for declining to lift their heads off of their work areas following the instructor’s activities.

“It’s only a frightful thing to occur in residential area USA,” Gibson said. “We live in a little group to stay away from these kind of issues.”

Parent Daniel Truelove said that he underpins the school’s organization, yet he is dissenting that somebody ventured on the banner “on [his] dime.”

The instructor has been suspended through the finish of the year, yet Gibson said that she trusts he ought to lose his activity.

“You ought to never spoil the banner before your understudies since you’re not showing them regard for our nation,” Gibson said.