GOP Rep. Bill Flores Supports Gun Control via Bump Stock Ban

Rep. Bill Flores (R-TX) is standing firm for firearm control by requiring a restriction on knock stocks following Stephen Paddock’s utilization of the gadgets in the Las Vegas assault.

In spite of the fact that Paddock utilized the gadgets criminally, Flores says “common firearm proprietors” needn’t bother with them either.

As indicated by the Hill, Flores said he didn’t recognize what a knock stock was until the point when news of the Vegas assault educated him. After the assault he stated, “I figure they ought to be restricted.” He said he doesn’t know a motivation behind why individuals require “to possess anything that changes over a self-loader to something that acts like a programmed.” He included, “There’s no explanation behind it.”

Since Flores did not know knock stocks existed before the assault, maybe he doesn’t realize that they are more for oddity than for exactness. Truth be told, proofreader of the Daily Beast, Justin Miller, cited U.S. Armed force Sergeant First Class extraordinary powers fighter Tony Cowden, who proposed the utilization of the knock stock made Paddock less exact:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) acquainted enactment with boycott knock stocks on Wednesday. That implies Flores and a main Senate Democrat are in concession to weapon control, with both intuition more is required as a restriction on the ATF-endorsed knock stocks.