SHOCKING: Federal Court Just Gave The Worst News To The Democratic Party

The Democratic National Committee has confessed in court that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is more “democratic” than them.

Disgruntled Democrat voters have issued a class-action lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for Southern Florida making accusations that the DNC and ex – chairperson Debbie Wasserman-Schultz leaned more towards Hillary Clinton throughout the presidential process of nomination. (from Lifezette)

The lawsuit was issued by residents from 45 states and signifies three sorts of plaintiffs: DNC sponsors, Bernie Sanders campaign sponsors, and any registered Democrats. Wow! That’s a WHOLE LOT of people.

The plaintiffs allege Schultz and the DNC of “intentional, willful, wanton, and malicious” execution that broke the charter and by-laws of the DNC. We couldn’t agree with the fact more. Their execution was entirely inappropriate.

Particularly, lawyers suggest that the DNC infracted Article 5 Section 4 of their charter, which demands the DNC chairperson to be impartial – especially among Presidential candidates. Anyone with half a brain is aware that THAT was violated!

DNC emails, which were exposed early on this year, made it crystal clear that Schultz and the DNC preferred Clinton and deprived Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

The class-action suit is expecting to get relief for almost seven million sponsors who invested money in Bernie Sanders hoping for fair elections.

“There’s no contractual obligation here,” asserted DNC attorney Bruce Spiva in court. “It’s not a situation where a promise has been made that is an enforceable promise.”

Spiva moves on to clarify that registered Democrats should not have expected a fair election process. Additionally, he states that there is nothing preventing the Democrats from choosing their nominee in a behind curtain negotiation without any voter input.

The popular media has, naturally, remained quiet as the case develops since it is in fact newsworthy and is not with their ridiculous Trump-Russia conspiracy.