Actor Harrison Ford Says: “I Want To Says All Of My Supporters To Standing With My President Donald Trump And Boycott Against All Trump Haters, I Hate Traitors.” Do You Support Him ?

Harrison Ford may broadly play a character from a universe far, far, away, however as indicated by the performer, Donald Trump the person who has his head in space.

Harrison Ford to Donald Trump: “It’s Not Like This in Real Life’

At the point when Ford was gotten some information about Trump’s current remarks in The New York Times applauding the performer’s presidential character for confronting psychological militants in the film Air Force One, the Star Wars on-screen character gave the best reaction ever. He stated:
Donald, it was a motion picture. Dislike this, all things considered. Be that as it may, how might you know?
Look at Ford’s whole meeting with Studio 10’s Angela Bishop that happened amid an Australian press visit for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. You may have known about it as of late.
In a current meeting with The New York Times, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump said that he enjoyed motion pictures with courageous presidents, and the one with “Harrison Ford on the plane” specifically. He’s alluding to Air Force One, in which Ford—as a definitive extreme person POTUS—battles Russian fear based oppressors.
Trump said – “I adore Harrison Ford—and not on account of he leases my properties. He went to bat for America,” .
The Star Wars on-screen character allegedly leased a flat in one of Trump’s properties in New York City over ten years prior, yet clearly that history doesn’t have any kind of effect to Ford.
“I truly didn’t think it was such a decent flat. I didn’t think it was extraordinary design,” Ford as of late disclosed to Fusion’s Jorge Ramos. “The Donald Trump that claimed that building isn’t the same Donald Trump that I’m seeing at this point.”
Portage said Trump’s activities have been disruptive, and that he’s “turning individuals against each other.”
“We require a cognizance of what the nation needs basically, instead of ideologically,” he told Ramos.