Bitcoin Just Hit an All-Time High – Here’s How you Buy and Sell It

Bitcoin hit a record high above $6,330 on Tuesday, October 31, after a bleak September in which the digital currency tumbled to $2,900 a coin on September 15.
Two years back, purchasing the virtual cash even at that cost was absurd. After a fast ascent in esteem in 2013, the digital money’s esteem more than divided by mid-2015.
At its most minimal point, one bitcoin was equivalent to about $230.
Given the cash’s secretive nature, the normal individual still may not see how purchasing and offering really functions.
Utilizing the application Coinbase, which gives anybody a chance to exchange bitcoins for a little charge, we chose to discover.
A short cautioning: If you will do this, enlighten your bank you’re concerning to purchase bitcoin. More on that later.