With the most recent pattern of ladies approaching to blame men for messy deeds from decades back, the ladies from the 2016 race who blamed President Trump for sexual unfortunate behavior are turning out again to recount their stories, and a gander at who’s subsidizing them says all that we have to know.

Amid the decision, a great many women approached to assert the President had abused them in some shape, yet they immediately blurred into the shadows once he had won, persuading they were loaded with equine scat and just denouncing him to crash his presidential expectations. Not much has changed on that front, but rather since the Russian intrigue account has gone into disrepair, the left is presently attempting to utilize these allegations to unseat the properly chose President in spite of the reality voters thought about them before they cast their tickets and still place him in office.

In any case, liberals are going to liberal, and this time around liberals are attempting a similar thing again that as of now flopped once, demonstrating to us their level of acumen and demonstrating they’re certifiably crazy. Obviously, they’ve gotten none other than George Soros to take care of everything for the ladies to approach and request a congressional examination.

These individuals absolutely never learn.

A far-left dissident gathering is preparing the ladies to hold a question and answer session today in which they’ll approach Congress to act. That gathering, as indicated by the Daily Wire, is subsidized by Soros’ Open Society establishment, and has a past filled with endeavoring political deaths of traditionalist applicants.

In an official statement, the gathering behind this questionable move, Brave New Films, said the accompanying:

Ladies who have openly blamed President Trump for lewd behavior and strike will join out of the blue to stand up about their encounters on Monday, December 11, at 10:30 AM. At the question and answer session, facilitated by Brave New Films, the ladies will call for responsibility and an examination by Congress of sexual unfortunate behavior by the president.

The ladies will share their firsthand records of President Trump grabbing, petting, coercively kissing, embarrassing and irritating ladies. They are among the no less than sixteen ladies who have approached to blame the president for sexual offense. Their exasperating affirmations became known before the post-Weinstein time of responsibility for sexual offense and the ascent of the #MeToo development.

In November, Brave New Films discharged “16 ladies and Donald Trump,” which recounts the stories of the sixteen ladies who have freely announced inappropriate behavior and attack by President Trump. These overcome ladies have all stood up separately. The video, which has been seen more than six million times, gathered their stories in a single place out of the blue. Presently they are assembling face to face to stand up and call for responsibility.

The Daily Wire has more:

The gathering behind this conspicuous new endeavor to compel Trump out of the White House, Brave New Films, is a non-benefit 501(c)(3) association that cases to be “non-fanatic” — a claim that winds up plainly funny upon a survey of their givers and accomplices which incorporate left-wing hit bunches like Media Matters For America and Democracy For America.

Overcome New Films guarantees that they don’t “explicitly advocate for the race or annihilation of possibility for open office,” an announcement that isn’t even remotely exact taking a gander at only a portion of the purposeful publicity style recordings they made, including:

-Stand Up, Senate! The President-elect is a two-timer.

-Ensure Public Education – Stop Betsy DeVos!

-Unbreakable: A Practical Guide For Resisting The Trump Agenda


One of Brave New Films’ givers is Open Society Foundations, a radical association whose organizer and director is George Soros, who has given “over $32 billion to finance the Open Society Foundations, which work in more than 100 nations around the globe.”

Beautiful. So since Democrats can’t win decisions in view of their thoughts, they’re presently falling back on repeating old allegations that no one accepted in the first place, all trying to fix the race that was intensely fixed in Hillary Clinton’s support.

The main good thing?

Any discerning individual taking a gander at what’s happening wouldn’t succumb to this ox-like dung.