BREAKING: “Mad Dog” Mattis Flees DC Overnight Without Telling Anyone, Now We Know Why

It’s a well known fact that Secretary of Defense James Mattis needs no escort paying little respect to where he may choose to movement.

In the event that anybody tries and takes him on, they wouldn’t keep going long.

Also, now, all of a sudden, he appears to simply leave America.

The most intriguing thing about him is that his strong as steel military hold is similarly adjusted and coordinated by his huge heart and compassion.One time, he assumed control over a bring down positioning troopers door defenses obligation, on the grounds that the solider had a family and expected to invest energy with them on Christmas.

Subsequent to leaving American soil with just a single AP correspondent with him, he was seen with American troops in Cuba.

As indicated by our source, Veteran AF, Mattis has constantly made a special effort to be with the troops on Christmas, yet this year things are the same. His agenda comprises of Camp Lejenue, Ft. Bragg, and the Mayport maritime base. He has just gone to the troops at the U.S. naval force base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

He was there to meet with benefit individuals and did not visit the confinement offices or talk about prisoner arrangement. He is the principal safeguard secretary to visit the base since 2002, when Donald Rumsfeld visited the office after the main prisoners arrived.

Telling then-Commandant Gen. Charles Krulak, who discovered him pulling obligation: “Sir, I took a gander at the obligation program for now and there was a youthful significant who had it who is hitched and had a family; as I’m an unhitched male, I figured for what reason should the real pass up a great opportunity for the enjoyment of having Christmas with his family, thus I took the obligation for him.”

James Mattis resembles the Santa Clause of the military. It’s extremely motivating to see a man minding such a great amount on his shoulders and still keeps on helping our men and ladies who can’t be home for the occasions. The troops have dependably been appreciative to him and it appears like their soul is helped by his essence.