Dear America: The FBI Has Bill & Loretta’s Tarmac Docs – Here’s 9 Things You NEED To Know

Judicial Watch is on this like a dog on a bone, and the more we learn, the worse it looks.

Ever since the now-infamous ‘Tarmac Meeting’ where Bill Clinton had an ‘off-the-record’ meeting with the AG there has been a lot of interest in what REALLY went on.

Bill Clinton, you will remember, claims they discussed grandchildren and golf.

Let’s go through a quick list of some things that make this story interesting.

1. FBI has found THIRTY PAGES of documents relating to the Tarmac Meeting, which Judicial Watch will have in their possession by November.

2. This conflicts with the FBI’s previous FOIA request from Judicial Watch, looking for any correspondence between anyone connected to the FBI for the investigation into the Tarmac Meeting. In the summer — during the election — this same request was made, and Judicial Watch was told there were no such records. Why were they unable to find them during the election cycle, but able to find them now?

3. This is the very same meeting that is supposed to have triggered the Comey Drama. He said he was uncomfortable with this meeting, and that’s why he gave that infamous press conference.

4. This off-the-record meeting happened just days before the findings of the Benghazi hearing were released.

5. Hillary was already the Democratic candidate, so she (and her party) had a lot to lose if there were a scathing report on Benghazi.

6. Hillary was also under investigation for her missing/deleted emails on the bleach-bit homebrew server.

7. It has been reported that the Clinton Foundation was also being investigated at this time

8. Any private meeting with the person who oversees these investigations constituted a very real conflict of interest… both for what Lynch could do for the Clintons, and what Hillary if she were to win, could do for Lynch in the way of political appointments.

9. We have already seen the politicization/weaponization of other branches of the Obama administration — hostile to political opponents, and lenient with allies. Why should we expect anything different here?

source: Clashdaily