Super Bowl MVP Just Went On LIVE TV With Shock Announcement That Pissed Off The NFL

The NFL and every gender bent God-hating liberal must be in arms right now. Super Bowl 52 was one of the best Super Bowls in history, putting up tons of points, over 1,100 yards of offense, trick plays, and a stunning end to the dynasty of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots as the Eagles were victorious 41-33. Then Philadelphia fans poured into the streets, had some party time, a few minor incidents, and everyone went home in disbelief that Philly finally won a Super Bowl. The Eagles beat Tom Brady and the Patriots with their backup quarterback, Nick Foles. Foles was later named MVP of Super Bowl 52 for his stellar performance which included catching a touchdown pass on a trick play.

It wasn’t Foles performance, behavior, antics, or anything else that could have triggered people. All of the above was near perfection. It was like Nick Foles had always been a pro-bowl status quarterback. Nothing you can think of happened. It was something else that Nick Foles did after the game that could have sparked controversy and triggered people into meltdowns. Nick Foles, Coach Doug Pederson, and tight end Zach Ertz did it too.

All three of them praised glory to God in their postgame interview directly after winning the Super Bowl. They were classy, excited, thankful, and respectful. This was three people who embody everything that the NFL player should be. They are teammates, leaders, and men who respect each other, do their job, and work as a complete unit. That’s what pushed this team onto a stellar record of 13-3, two playoff victories, and finally, a Super Bowl win for the city of Philadelphia.

Can you imagine how the NFL felt after those three mentioned “God” on live TV? This is after the NFL had a tumultuous year with disrespectful flag protesters marring the sport and turning fans into boycotters. You can boycott all you want, but if you did, then you missed the most classy team you could find right now. No one on the Philadelphia Eagles took a knee for the National Anthem, and the players and coach were not afraid to speak up about their religion. You might hate the NFL and Roger Goodell, but you have to love the Eagles.  Goodell will have this turn into a flag football league filled with social justice warriors if he doesn’t get his act together.

Wild Card had more on the situation after Super Bowl 52:
“Despite winning the most games of any team in the NFC, the Eagles became underdogs the moment Carson Wentz went down with a gruesome knee injury in Week 14.

Backup quarterback Nick Foles, who has admitted that he almost retired a year ago, was given no shot at delivering the franchise its first ever Super Bowl.

The Eagles were underdogs in all three of their playoff games, including Sunday’s matchup against the Tom Brady-led Patriots.

In an offensive duel that saw more total yardage (1,151) than any Super Bowl in NFL history, the Eagles stunned the Patriots 41-33.

While the Eagles had a potent running game, it was the arm of Foles that served as the engine to the offense. He completed 29 of 44 passes for 374 yards and three touchdowns, with one fluke interception that bounced out of his receiver’s hands.

Foles even had his first-ever touchdown catch on a trick play on a crucial fourth down.

But when Foles was awarded the MVP live on NBC, he refused to bask in the glory himself.

“All glory to God” were the first words out of his mouth, while he held his 7-month old baby.”

The hateful liberal NFL big boys must have their britches in bunches over Foles’ comment about “all glory to God!” Can you imagine what they were thinking? These are the same people who allowed people like Colin Kaepernick to start a silly movement that disrespected fans, the Flag, and America but wouldn’t permit a commercial asking people to stand for the National Anthem.

The Philadelphia Eagles did more than win the Super Bowl. They stood up for America during the National Anthem, and they had no fear in expressing their beliefs after the victory. If there’s a team to get you back into football, then this is it.

The NFL just had a terrible year from all the boycotts -but if there’s one thing Americans love, it’s football. Those who boycott have proved their point. The NFL heard. If your team isn’t acting like rude jerks, then have fun. Don’t take away your favorite sport because of a few clowns. The Eagles were full of class, respect, and they showed everyone in America how to win the big game and be prime examples of a classy team who honors all American values.

You have to love this trick play. Just amazing and all done by a team who stood for the National Anthem and paid respect to God.

source; Freedomdaily