WATCH: Pelosi Has NO SHAME! Challenges Mom Whose Son Murdered By Illegal Over Prioritizing Illegals Over Americans

Social media was all abuzz regarding House Minority Nancy Pelosi’s 8-hour marathon Thursday on the House Floor honoring illegal aliens. Ironically the 77-year old lawmaker decided to wear stiletto heels for the occasion perhaps as a sign of her endurance, however perhaps a more sobering display would have been to show a little empathy for those angel mom’s like Laura Wilkerson and “not judge an individual until you have walked a mile in their shoes.”

The still grieving mother, who lost her teenage son to a criminal alien in 2010, eviscerated Pelosi for wasting 8-hours of taxpayer time, attempting to put a “happy face” on the epidemic crime-wave of illegal aliens destroying American families all across the nation.

Pelosi attempted to put a human face to the immigration issue by referencing her grandson’s birthday wish, wishing that he had “brown skin, and dark eyes like his friend, who apparently was an immigrant child.

However, Pelosi could have referenced within her 8-hour talk-fest the time she met Wilkerson last year, detailing the excruciating description of how her son died at the hands of a criminal illegal alien.

She could have quoted the gruesome details by Wilkerson; “In 2010, one of the illegals slaughtered my son. He tortured him, he beat him, he tied him up like an animal, and he set him on fire.”

Appearing Thursday evening on Fox News Wilkerson directed her ire at Pelosi, stating; “I think I can speak for all angel parents that would say, you know, we wish you would do a shut-up-a-thon, “You know, she just wasted her time, everybody’s time yesterday. She doesn’t seem to get it.”

Actually Pelosi does get it, in that she would rather stand for 8-hours in stiletto heels on the House Floor surrounded by security and personal bodyguards for herself and her loved ones (including her grandson) then even 10-minutes in the shoes of a grieving mom enduring the murder of her son at the hands of an illegal alien.

Do you believe the issue of criminal illegal aliens will eventually be resolved when it begins to impact those who are now immune, like politicians and celebrity types? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

source: Everydayconservative