Secession Movement Sweeping Through California… Should We Let Them Secede?

California is inching toward secession. A lot of state’s liberals are still irritated that President Trump that is sitting in the White House. They started yammering about secession after Trump was elected. Nobody took them seriously.

Maybe we should.

There’s another, less ambitious secession movement that experts say has a real shot of succeeding. Currently, California liberals drown out every other voice. What if conservatives in the state could finally have their voices heard?

A chunk of California could split off to form its own new state. Intra-state secession is a plausible idea now.

“The worst thing in the world to be is the red part of a blue state,” Joel Kotkin, a fellow at Chapman University in Orange, California told Fox News.

Most Californians are stereotypically liberal. They not only voted for Hillary Clinton en masse, they enjoy openly defying President Trump. Reasonable moderates and conservatives are overwhelmed at elections.

The New California Movement hopes to split the state in two. Other plans hope to chop the state up into 3 or more pieces. California is so huge that even if it were split up into six separate states they would all be more populous that a lot of Middle America states.

According to Fox News: “Vermont split from New York in 1791, Maine split from Massachusetts in 1820, and West Virginia split from Virginia during the Civil War in 1863. There haven’t been any states formed by secession in modern U.S. history.”

The U.S. hasn’t added a new state since 1959.

If California wants to split into two or more pieces, the rest of the country should let them. California liberals derive their power from the state’s massive size. The state’s dominance in national politics would be mitigated if conservatives could have their own part of the state.

Let’s hope the New California Movement succeeds.

source: Foxnews