BREAKING! TAKING PLACE NOW! Obama’s Corrupt JUDGE ARRESTED After Finally Getting Caught!

Since Friday afternoon when the controversial memo was released to the public, naming names and outlining in detail the depth and scope of the corruption and malfeasance which now exists in the highest quarters of our government, Democrats and their minions are in a panic attempting to discredit the astounding information regarding our most sacred institutions, and the corruption that now permeates almost every department including those within our justice system, as more and more revelations are being uncovered.

The astonishing disclosure that top justice department officials including those within the FBI had attempted a bloodless coup d’etat against a duly elected leader is the most chilling information exposed, thus far.

The implications that the Obama Administration along with the Clinton Campaign had in fact orchestrated the destruction of President Trump is beginning to be unraveled with the disclosure that the FISA warrants granting surveillance of private citizens was “signed off” by an Obama appointed judge.

However corruption isn’t reserved only for those in Washington, D.C., in Texas another Obama appointed judge has been arrested by federal agents, after a series of raids at the judge’s courthouse and also at his home.

Breitbart reported that; “Federal authorities arrested a Democrat Texas state judge after a series of raids on his courtroom and his home. Information on the charges and other details of the investigation remain sealed. The judge is expected to be presented in federal court on Monday.”

The Federal Bureau of Investigations conducted “law enforcement activity” at the 93rd State District Court, FBI Spokeswoman Michelle Lee revealed.

Lee also confirmed that the FBI made one arrest. However, the identity of the individual and the charges are not being released to the public at this time, pending an investigation.

Sheriff Eddie Guerra of Hidalgo County, confirmed the raids to local media shortly after they began, posting that the arrests were at the County Courthouse in the 93rd State District Court.

Which is the courthouse that Obama appointee Judge Rudy Delgado presides over, the Democratic incumbent ran unopposed in 2016 general election, and his the Justice for the 13th Court of Appeals Place 4.

Do you believe that Obama’s disregard for the rule of law has created an epidemic of corrupt judges around the country? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

source: Everydayconservative