WATCH: Sarah Sanders Takes Down Smug NBC Reporter Who Says Trump Is a Cyberbully

Sarah Sanders was out in full force doing battle on President Trump’s behalf again today, this time taking down a smug NBC reporter on Monday afternoon after ridiculous comments were made about Trump being a “cyberbully.”

“As the White House Press Secretary held her briefing with reporters, Melania Trump was preparing platform a speech to formally announce her policy as First Lady,” Mediate reported. “Mrs. Trump has expressed interest in protecting children from cyberbullying, but as political observers have pointed out before, there’s a certain irony there when her husband tweets insulting, nasty comments about his enemies on a regular basis.”

Armed with this knowledge, NBC’s Peter Alexander thought it would be the perfect time to craft his anti-Trump question, where he insinuated that Trump has contributed to this atmosphere of cyberbullying in our country. He asked Sanders if the President accepts any “responsibility” for the reasons why skeptics doubt that Melania Trump can make a difference in this area.

However, Sanders wasn’t having it with Alexander’s wise-guy remarks, calling the allegation of Trump being a cyberbully completely “ridiculous.”

“The idea that you are trying to blame cyberbullying on the president is kind of ridiculous,” Sanders snapped back. “The First Lady sees it to be an important issue and something she wants to address.”

As we previously reported, Melania Trump will be announcing her initiatives as First Lady in the Rose Garden on Monday afternoon. She will formalize what her role will be for the next three to seven years. According to Melania’s spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, Melania’s focus will be children overall, with many speculating that one of Melania’s initiatives will be cyberbullying.

“She has been heard saying that she knows her husband has contributed to the combative nature of today’s online chatter. One associate said she has persisted with her anti-cyberbullying efforts despite White House advice that she pick any other issue to champion,” The Washington Post reported.

This isn’t the first time that Sanders and Alexander have locked horns. Back in January, the duo went to blows over gun control measures, that quickly morphed into a shouting match over Trump’s policies.

“Since CNN’s Jim Acosta wasn’t there for Wednesday’s White House press briefing, NBC’s Peter Alexander seized Acosta’s position of coming to blows with Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders in front of the cameras,” News Busters reported. “Sanders noted that no shooting is acceptable and cited a claim about there having been a rise in violence prior to President Trump taking office. She added that Trump has made halting crime “a top priority” with record numbers of firearm prosecutions, gang convictions, and drug trafficking takedowns in the last year.”

Below is a clip of Sanders and Alexander going at it today during the White House’s daily press brief.

source: Truthexam