Jerusalem’s largest soccer team changes name to send direct message to Trump

Beitar Jerusalem have announced they will rename their club after US president Donald Trump.

The city of Jerusalem is preparing to inaugurate the new US embassy on Monday after Trump announced it would move there from Tel Aviv in December, defying global outcry.

It was considered a politically questionable move as it angered Palestinians and Muslims around the world, many of whom would view the city as part of a future state.

But Beitar have made the controversial announcement ahead of that switch.

‘For 70 years Jerusalem has been awaiting international recognition, until president Donald Trump, in a courageous move, recognised Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel,’ read an official statement from Beitar.

‘President Trump has shown courage, and true love of the Israeli people and their capital, and these days other countries are following his lead in giving Jerusalem its rightful status.

‘The football club Beitar Jerusalem, one of the most prominent symbols of the city, are happy to honour the president for his love and support with a gesture of our own.

‘The chairmen of the club, the owner Eli Tabib and the executive manager Eli Ohana have decided to add to the club’s title the name of the American president who made history, and from now on will be called Beitar Trump Jerusalem.’

The Israeli top flight club have not announced if the name change will be permanent.

It is no shock that Beitar support Trump for his decision.

Beitar, who have won six Premier League titles, are the only club in that division to never have signed an Arab player.

In 2013 two Chechen Muslims signed by the club were verbally abused and spat at by fans. And the club’s offices were later set on fire by fans.

source: Dailymail